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Interwoven goes Interfaith

"Can I still participate in this if I'm not Christian?"

That's the message I received from a person last week. And so we realized it was time.

We always knew we were going to go this way. Begun out of Presbyterian roots, we knew that as 'Interwoven Congregations' we would be reaching out to Methodist, Lutheran, A.M.E., Catholic, Baptist, LDS, Quaker, Mennonite adherents and other friends within the Christian tradition. But we also knew that our call was to reach out beyond the Christian sphere to join hands with Jewish, Muslim, Baha'i, native American communities and people of other spiritual / faith traditions. Because the blight of racism affects us all in this nation, we need the wisdom and light, the heart and the hope, the energy and the imagination, the humor and the humility, the convictions and the compassion, the strength and the service of people of all faith traditions.

And for those who may not profess any particular faith tradition, we welcome your views and voice too.

So today, we officially extend our hands to those of all faiths, and invite you to join us -- or we'll join you! -- in efforts to promote racial justice and healing in our nation.

Peace be with you. שָׁלוֹם سلام hodéezyéél

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