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Sustain the Work

Being an agent for racial justice and healing can be energizing and immensely meaningful.  But it can also be exhausting and at times demoralizing.  These systems of oppression have developed over centuries and will likely take decades to uproot.  This is generational work.  How do we sustain ourselves for this journey?  How can we maintain our commitment over the long haul?  


We founded Interwoven Congregations with a dose of skepticism and abiding hope.  We’re skeptical that we as a people are capable, on our own steam, of ridding ourselves and our society of the racism and white supremacy that is entrenched within us and in our nation.  At the same time, we are convinced that with God’s help, people of faith can play a vital role in transforming our society into one which is equitable and just and celebrates the God-given beauty and dignity of each person.   

And so we believe that our faith -- be we Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Baha’i or another tradition – can serve to inspire us, encourage us, support us, challenge us and hold us accountable in this work.   This leads us to this holistic view of our work, our theory of change:

Contact us if you would like to join the Interwoven Congregations network and be          an agent for racial justice and healing.

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