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Our Staff

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   Rev. Pat Jackson                                         Roxane Rucker

Co-Executive Director                             Co-Executive Director

Pat helped found Interwoven Congregations in 2019.  He had previously served as pastor of a congregation in Kansas City for nine years where racial justice was central to his ministry.  He also has worked to help low-income people and ex-offenders find employment, and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal.  All these pursuits, culminating now in his role with Interwoven Congregations, draw upon his passion for collab-orating with others, building community, and seeking racial justice and healing.  He is excited to have the opportunity to work with Roxane Rucker as IwC's second Co-Executive Director and looks forward to partnering with her and the IwC boards to advance our work together.  

Roxane joined the Board of Directors of Interwoven Congregations (IwC) in January 2021 and immediately took an active role in strategy, develop-ment, and programs. She’s drawn to endeavors that address systemic inequities and so was delighted to join IwC as the second co-Executive Director in January 2022. Prior to joining IwC, Roxane was the Regional Organizer for the Center For Common Ground, a nonprofit committed to increasing the participation of underrepresented communities in voting, where she launched a new Democracy Center program to provide year-round voting support and education to counter voter suppression. She has worked to address inequities in recreation and play and to improve educational outcomes for students of color in lower income neighborhoods across the Washington, D.C. area.


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