Confronting Racism

There is a hunger in this nation to face the truth of racism in our public life.  Many days in the summer of 2020, the top ten books on various best seller lists were dominated by books on race.   Confronting the reality of racism from the founding of our country through to the present day is necessary, challenging, sobering, painful, liberating, and unavoidable work.  

With each partnered pair of faith communities, Interwoven Congregations works to support a sustained effort to come to terms with the reality of racism in our individual and corporate lives.  This effort begins by supporting the small relational study groups formed between the two congregations and advising them on materials to use for those gatherings.  Interwoven Congregations can help prepare volunteers to lead those discussion groups and in some cases may be involved in directly guiding those gatherings.   


Interwoven Congregations may also, pending funding, organize broader training events for the partnered faith communities to share.  Such events take advantage of experts in the field.   

Importantly, Interwoven Congregations seeks to support educational opportunities that fit the context and history of each faith community.   In some cases, it may be appropriate to do some "pre-work" with one congregation prior to engaging in joint activities.   


In some cases, Interwoven Congregations has sponsored small interracial study groups whose members pull from a number of faith communities (not just two).  And in other cases, Interwoven Congregations has organized study groups of only white members as a means to "do some of the work" prior to engaging in multiracial dialogue. 

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