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#022 -- Frederick Douglass -- I am your
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#077 -- Hate is a Virus -- AAPI assaults
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There are important books to read on racial justice and healing.  And our own Interwoven Congregations Quarterly is meant to be some-thing you can linger over on, say, a Saturday morning with your coffee.                          


But sometimes you just want a bite -- something you can grab and take with you into your day.  That's the Daily Snack !  It's a word, a thought, sometimes just an image, maybe a resource or notice of an upcoming event.  It might be serious or whimsical.  It's something to give us a boost as we continue on this journey to racial justice and healing.  You can get your Daily Snack most Mondays - Fridays from our Facebook page.        (You can click on the tiles on this page  to go to that particular Snack.)   

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#089 -- Right Relationship with Native P
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#048 -- The Atlantic Slave Trade in 2 mi
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